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ACeS Contax - FR 190G

ACeS Contax FR190G Fixed Satellite Phone

"The distance unable to disconnect your communication"

The lastest satellite technology can make your life never lost communication anytime anywhere , mountainous or island. By Friendly-use product, easy to install, you can get your ACeS FR-190G connected to whole world immediately no need to wait for the expansion of regular telephone network. The new fixed land user terminal now equipped with DATA port! to PC Computer or Notebook that you can sending & receiving data .

ACeS Contax is available in the prepaid scheme.Using sim card and refill voucher to eliminate subscription process and allow you to control your telecommunication expenses.With its simple product and service concept.

Enable for used everytime

The design simplicity and versatility of ACeS Contax makes it suitable for the communications needs of households or businesses,and to be operated any place,including for construction sites,mining shelters,timber lodges, oil/gas industry, marine industry and any other sites in remote area. Covering 24 countries over Asian region.

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