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Will the airtime rate be different if customers using ACeS outside Thailand want to call back to Thailand?
If ACeS phone is used within coverage, the airtime rate will be the same as using within Thailand. For example, if customers want to call from Indonesia back to Pattani, they just dial the area code of Pattani following with destination number. In case anyone who wants to call to ACeS phone, just dial 081 following with ACeS number. The airtime rate for calling ACeS phone which is using outside Thailand is the same as calling mobile phone in Thailand.
Does ARS provide 24/7 Customer Care service?
Yes, customers can inquire the balance and top-up money through the number 0-2100-4000.
What is Credit Remain?
For Postpaid customer, Credit Remain = Credit limit – Service fee Credit limit is the maximum amount of the service fee that customer is allowed to use. Normally, the company will give 5,000 baht for the credit limit for each number. The service fee is the amount of the service that is billed plus the amount of the service which is unbilled.
How does the customer check their Credit Remain?
Credit Control & Collection Department will notice the balance of Credit Remain when the balance left at 500 baht.
Why is the service deactivated?
The deactivation is caused by 2 reasons: first, the customers hold 2 bills or second, Credit Remain is depleted.
Q In case the customer buy ACeS Phone, Accessories or Refill Cards at the head office, can they pay by check?
The company cannot accept up country check due to very long clearing process. The company prefers customer to transfer check to company’s account.
Does ARS provide phone for rental?
ARS provides both weekly and monthly rental. Customer can have a rental service at head office on Cheangwatana Road or call Customer Care 0-2100-4000 for more details.
Can the customer have a call detail records of the service on Pre-Paid System?
Customers of both ACeS Ready Service and ACeS Contax can have a call detail records of the service by getting the request form from Customer Care, the fee is as the following:
1) 535 baht (including VAT) per each request and can have the detail of the service 30 days.
2) 2,140 baht (including VAT) for the entire year. Customer gets the summary at the end of each month by mail.
If the customers lose the SIM card, how do they have to do?
For registered users, should immediately call to Customer Care to temporarily deactivate service. After that customers have to send the copy of ID card with certify true on the copy to confirm the deactivation by fax to Customer Care. In case of corporate accounts, have to send the copy of Company Registering Document which valid no more than 3 months and the copy of authorized committee and certify true by fax to Customer Care. Customers have to bring a notify from the police with the copy of Identification card to buy new SIM card with the old number at the price of 535 baht (including VAT) at any our agents.

For Pre-Paid users, have to buy the new starter kit with new number at the price of 1,000 baht (including 500 baht free calling). Customers can not get a new SIM card with the old number.
How to calculate income tax for service payment of Corporate Account?
Income tax calculation (before VAT) is as the following:
1. Monthly Fee : 5%
2. Airtime : 3 %
What is the requirement for deliver Withholding Tax Certificate?
In case of transferring through Bank,
1. Fax Pay in Slip with Withholding Tax Certificate at 0-2100-4010
2. Then mail the original of Withholding Tax Certificate within 5 days after the payment date. (If the company does not get all documents within the due date, company cannot do the backward record for the service fee)

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