ACeS SAT PHONE - Satellite Mobile Phone
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ACeS Satellite PrePaid Mobile Phones

No need for registration with a prepaid mode. You only need a SIM card and a refill card to activate a service and control usage.

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   R 190 Satellite Mobile Phone
" Anywhere In the Sky Anywhere your Voice"

The Latest technology of Satellite mobile phone on earth to meet all your telecommunications need throughout the Asia pacific region . The dual mode system (satellite - GSM900) offers voic, data and facimile through the handset phone , which makes use of the global GSM International Roaming network,under a joint network service agreement with ACeS, on one cell phone,one number.

Refill Card

Gold card 8000 baht - Period of use 240 days

Silver card 4000 baht - Period of use 90 days

Classic card 1500 baht - Period of use 60 days

500 baht - Period of use 15 days

How to refill
1. Dial 4000 from ACeS phone or dial 0-2100-4000 from other phone systems.
2. Many cards can be refilled in advance with no loss on period of use.
3. Advance refilled card will be activated only after prior refill is depleted, or period of use expires.

Conditions on refilling
1. If refill within 15 days of expired date, amount in the balance will be credited and add to the new refilled amount
2. If refill after 15 days of expired date, but within 60 days, amount in the balance will be voided.
3. The ACeS phone number will be deactivated permanently if the card is not refilled within 60 days after it expires or is depleted.

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