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Picture; ACeS System

ACeS System

1. Space Segment
The ACeS Satellite or Garuda satellite is a high-orbit geosynchronous satellite, the most powerful one ever built for commercial use. It simultaneously supports up to 11,000 telephone channels, serving two million subscribers in 23 countries throughout Asia. With a service life designed to be 12-15 years

2. Ground Segment
2.1 Satellite Control Facility: SCF
The Satellite Control Facility or SCF houses the hardware, software and all the facilities necessary to manage, control and monitor the Garuda Satellite. SCF is located in Batam of Indonesia.
2.2 Network Control Center : NCC
The Network Control Center (NCC) is co-locate with the Satellite Control Facility .The NCC serves as the primary control and performance monitor of the ACeS network as managing the satellite payload processor resources.
2.3 ACeS Gateway : GW
The ACeS gateway provides the primary interface between ACeS and other telecommunication networks. They provide the interface with the PSTN (public switched telephone networks) and PLMN (public land mobile networks), allowing users to call anyone anywhere in the world. The Thailand Gateway is located in Jasmine International Tower at Nonthaburi Province.

3. User Segment
ACeS Satellite Phones are provided in both post-paid (User registration required) and pre-paid ACeS Ready Service (Using refill cards) schemes. Allowing you to receive and send phone calls from remote areas of Asia where there are no telephone systems or cellular transmitters. When you make a call, your phone transmits a signal to satellite, which then beams the signal back to your network service provider who forwards the signal to the number you dialed.


ACeS Coverage Area

The designs for ACeS Satellite Phone System employ space-age technology .The system is recognized for its functional standards that meet every single telecommunications need with almost efficiency .It focuses on a seamless reach throughout the Asian region. Focusing on the needs of the Asian market, ACeS coverage specifically serves regional needs and complements the existing telecommunication infrastructure system.
The ACeS coverage area is over 11 million square miles extending from Pakistan and India in the west, to the Philippines and Papua New Guinea in the east, and from Japan and China in the north down to Indonesia in the south.

ACeS Coverage Area
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